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Blockchain Developer Salary In 2022

Blockchain development is one of the hottest career paths within the Web3 jobs market in 2022. For the uninitiated, a blockchain is a decentralised, distributed database used to store and organise information digitally. While blockchains have a range of applications, they are widely known as the core technology behind crypto and NFTs. With their increased adoption, the demand for blockchain…
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Doctor Troller of The Shifters NFT Says Hackers Stole $2M from Discord Members

Some news came out yesterday from The Shifters NFT project, with creator Doctor Troller claiming that hackers made off with $2 million from members of the project’s Discord. With that said, a couple of factors around the project and the hack announcement make it somewhat unusual in comparison to other recent NFT Discord hacks. Was this simply the latest NFT Discord hack or might there be any…
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